Charis’s classes are powerful yet suited for all levels. Let her take you on a journey of self love, as you ride together to achieve your fitness goals! Clip in for 50 minutes of exhilaration and unabashed fun! There’s no holding back as she leads you into heavy EDM beats and HIT remixes, for an adrenaline rush like no other.

When you are in Charis’s class, be ready to break out of your comfort zone and be infected by her positivity and genuine passion to help you grow stronger and fall deeper in love with your own skin!


Gear up for some great music, good vibes and a whole lot of fun! Change the way you see fitness as she helps you beyond your physical goals. Inspiring you to take care of your overall well being, as you become the best version of yourself! All while having a party on the bike.

Lynette teaches with hope to make a difference in someone’s life through rides! You don’t want to miss riding to the beat with this wonderful happy human!


If you’re an EDM fan, this girl is the ultimate dose of power you’ve been waiting for! Meet Jeano! Her love for fitness and staying active is absolutely contagious! Every class, she is set to make you feel like you can conquer anything you set your heart to.

Jeano firmly believes that simply by showing up, you’re taking a huge first step! Ride with Jeano. She’s confident your journey will only get better from here.


Besides teaching Rhythmic Cycling, Lexy is also a Pole Dancing teacher. Lexy is always connected to music and movements. Whether on stage, on the street, or on the bike, she believes that the right beat can get you through anything. Come ride in Sync and experience Lexy’s combination of athleticism, sense of humor, and dollop of sunshine in any of her classes.


Party on the bike with Zach as he brings you fast combinations, and heart thumping jumps and sprints. Blasting the hottest EDM and Hip Hop tunes at full power!We asked what motivates him to take his indoor cycling journey to the next level.

Sharing with you his answer for today’s inspiration:
“My motivation is to be better than the person I was the day before. Every opportunity to get better, is a chance to discover more about myself. The feeling of being pushed to the limit, but with the constant desire to keep wanting more.” Clip in and grow stronger with him in your ride journey!


Mandy loves the smiles on her riders’ faces when she challenges them on the bike! She’s always the biggest cheerleader in the room, infecting riders with her positive vibes and making them believe they can be a little stronger than their last ride. Get ready to hike your heart rate through her carefully curated jumps and combis. Get ready to party on the bike with Mandy!