• 1.Create an account

    Click on Register on the top right corner of this page. Please note that every rider is required to create an account and can only book a bike using his/her own registered account.

  • 2.Purchase a Series

    Click on Buy In order to book a bike, you will need to purchase a series first. If this is your first visit with us, you may wish to purchase our Newbie series (2 trial classes) @ $40

  • 3.Book your bike

    Click on Book A Bike - When booking your bike, do ensure that you have selected the correct studio. If a class is already full, you may wish to join our waitlist. Please be sure to check your email for your waitlist status. Should a spot open up, you will be automatically enrolled into class and an email will be sent to keep you updated.

  • 4.Email confirmation

    Once you are successfully enrolled into class, you will receive an automated email confirmation from us regarding your booking. Alternatively, you may check on your class status under My Account > My Classes

  • 5.Arrive 15 minutes before class

    If this is your first ride with us, please ensure to arrive in the studio at least 15 minutes before class for orientation and bike set up. Please note that late comers will not be allowed into class for safety reasons and class credit will not be returned


  • Rhythmic Ride

    This 50 min class will have you pumped up along with our carefully curated list of upbeat, invigorating music! Rhythmic Ride combines upper body, core, and lower body exercises. Be prepared to rev up your cardio and expect to burn 400 calories upwards! Feel the beat and get ready to party. Suitable for beginners & regular riders
  • Beginner Rhythm

    This class is catered for beginners who have little or no experience in indoor cycling classes. From setting up your bike correctly to understanding the intricacies of more advanced moves, Beginner Rhythm will have you working out a sweat and wanting to come back for more
  • WC Rhythmic Ride

    Wild Card Rhythmic Ride is our regular Rhythmic Ride except that it’s not on a fixed schedule. Expect the same intensity and fun in any of our WC classes!
  • Themed Ride

    Themed Rides are music/songs curated from a particular artist or genre (think Illenium, Imagine Dragons, Mandopop and Kpop!) This is the ultimate closest thing to sweat and party like you are in your favourite artist’s concert!
  • Tandem Ride

    Tandem Ride class is all the fun and sweat you get in any of our Rhythmic Class, plus 1! This is a class your favorite instructor would be co teaching with our trainee instructor. Clip in with us to double up the fun and cheer! Be the first to ride with our team of new faces!